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We Are Improving More Than I Expected

I had scheduled six of my top salesmen to attend a verkooptraining to help them with new sales techniques. I attended with them because I am the type where if I expect my employees to do or know something, then I am going to do and know it also. We learned a good bit those three days of the sales training, and I knew that the men who worked for me would implement the new strategies they learned immediately. I learned a lot too, but I was intrigued by learning more after I was told about the Sales Excellence training.

This is four days of follow up after the sales training. Continue reading “We Are Improving More Than I Expected”

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The Most Comfortable Mattresses of 2021


Buying a new mattress is hard, which is why we’ve gone through a lot of info in regards to the best mattresses money can buy this year. We’ve analyzed a myriad of details, from owner feedback and sales figures to the value offered for the price. The actual cost of getting a new mattress was yet another consideration we took into account, as some models can be more affordable than others and, sometimes, they offer the same benefits. Furthermore, we took the time to look at the impact some of these units have had on social media and the general public. Besides, we went through some of the professional review websites to see what they were saying. Some thousands of models later, we eventually came up to the conclusion that Ashley Furniture Mattress is the best product on the line nowadays. The Ashley Furniture Mattress is specially destined for people who have trouble with their back, as it is known as one of the most efficient mattresses for providing relief. It manages to alleviate back pain and maintain the proper spinal alignment of the owner’s body. If you find it hard to purchase this model, we recommend the second best unit, the Signature Sleep Contour.

Are you fed up with waking up with a stiff back and achy shoulders? There is a high chance that the mattress you own now is not your best friend in the whole wide world. What you can do right away is to switch to a better, more comfortable mattress. Just in case you do not know for sure what to look for in a reliable product on the line, the following buying guide could come in handy. Have a look at some of the most important factors on which you should base your decision and don’t forget to correlate your needs with the features of the unit you want to buy.

Best mattresses of 2019 compared

Model Our rating Thickness Cushioning system Price Rating
Ashley Furniture Signature Design A+ 12 inch Memory Foam $$$ 4.6
Signature Sleep Contour A 8 inch Pocket Coils $$ 4.5
DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams B+ 7 inch Tri-Zone Foam Core $$ 4.4
Brentwood Home Gel HD B 13 inch Memory Foam $$$$ 4.3
DynastyMattress Deluxe Camper Short C+ 10 inch Memory Foam $$$ 4.4


Ashley Furniture Signature Design mattress


Ashley Furniture Signature Design mattress

Even though it might not be the most accessible on the line, this Ashley Furniture Signature Design product definitely takes the cake when it comes to comfort. This is by far the best mattress for alleviating back pain, as it is known for providing relief and for making sure that the body gets the proper spinal alignment.

The model can be bought in a wide array of sizes, such as twin, full, queen, king, and California king. This is an original, 100% American product, manufactured and currently being sold in the United States.

Unlike other models we’ve come across during our research, this one features just a DuoComfort Design, which practically means that it is made of two layers of memory foam. One of them is the premium support measuring 9.5 inches and the other one is the deep sleep memory foam layer that measures 2.5 inches. The main advantage of choosing this model is that it is destined for all kinds of sleepers, as it can adjust to virtually any type of sleep position, even if one tosses and turns.

The Ashley Furniture mattress has gathered over 2,000 positive user reviews on Amazon, which just goes to show just popular the model is.

Buy it from Amazon!

Signature Sleep Contour


Since it’s a bit more basic, this model is considerably more affordable than the one we have showcased above. Some online marketplaces sell it for around four hundred dollars but Amazon customers can often get it for less than three hundred.


The model features high-quality foam and a polyester layering between the cover and the coils. Thanks to the innovative build of this product, the user’s posture is protected and his or her body can benefit from the relieving pressure on the neck, shoulders, back, and hip.s

Buyers are advised to allow the mattress to expand for as much as forty-eight hours before using it. Using the product before this time might lead to a negative sleeping experience and to owners wanting to return the unit.

This is the perfect alternative for couples that prefer sleeping together. The mattress has been specially designed to minimize motion transfer, which gives a helping hand to individuals whose sleep might suffer from the movements of their partner.

In terms of durability, this model is a winner, as the independently-encased coils it comes with are protected by two cushioning layers: a foam layer and a non-woven fabric insulation pad.


DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams

This DreamFoam mattress is by far one of the most inexpensive ones we have analyzed. The twin size is an excellent alternative for anything from day beds to bunk beds. The unit can be purchased in five main variants, ranging from the previously mentioned twin to the twin/full and full. check this full review of DreamFoam Bedding.

This is an all-American product, manufactured in the United States with CertiPUR foam.

As is the case with other models in the same line, this one is capable of relieving the pressure felt on pain points. What’s more, just like the Shiloh unit we were referring to earlier on, this one addresses the needs of all kinds of sleepers, regardless of the position they usually prefer. The technology employed in the construction of this product is truly unique, as it features a 6.25-inch Tri-Zone core and a .75-inch quilting layer.

What did buyers have to say about this product? First, over 1,600 people took the time to write positive ratings on this product. Some individuals who have opted for the twin variant claim it’s the perfect option for their guest room. Others praise the value offered for the price and say that it’s quite obvious that it was built in the United States.


Brentwood Home Gel HD


Brentwood is one of the most well-known mattress manufacturers in the world, and this product is no exception when it comes to the brand’s quality standards. Buyers have the freedom to choose from any of the twelve available mattress sizes, therefore making sure that they only pick the right one for their beds.

Since it is made of a neat combination of natural fibers and HD memory foam, the model is capable of conforming to the curves of the user’s body. This is an anti-microbial and dust mite resistant mattress that is backed by a warranty that lasts for twenty-five years. Furthermore, the Brentwood Home Gel HD is built with CertiPur-US foams that contain no harmful substances such as phthalates, formaldehyde, or heavy metals.


It might be worth noting that this is a medium feel type of mattress that’s neither too soft nor too firm so it might be just the right choice for people who are around the age of thirty and have yet to experience too many issues with their spine. Since all of the wool used in the build of the product is natural, this mattress is odor-free, can regulate the body’s temperature and doesn’t get moist all that fast.

Buy it from Amazon!

DynastyMattress Deluxe Camper


If you’ve been tossing and turning about which mattress for RV you should pick, you’ve just found the right one. This model can be bought in two main sizes: the full and the queen. It’s CertiPUR-US certified and features a 3-inch HD memory foam as well as a 2 by 2-inch dual air flow. The 3-inch polyurethane support stands at the base of this product. All of these structures combined offer a good night sleep while keeping the mattress both cool and dry.


Over 150 people believe that this product deserves a 5-star rating, which is why you might come across very few complaints in regards to the quality of the materials and the rest experience felt by the individuals who have purchased it. Furthermore, this product is anti-mite and anti-allergy considering that it has been constructed using HD 100% Visco-Elastic memory foam which is why it comes as no surprise that it has gathered so many outstanding reviews over time. Some people claim that they have been using it as a regular queen mattress even outside their RV since they quickly realized that they were enjoying sleeping on it more than they were on the mattress they had at home.

Not sure if this is the perfect product for you? Go to FoamGlobes.com to find more.

The benefits of memory foam mattresses

There’re few things as vital as quality sleep. If a fine night’s sleep has been evading you, it may be time to think the underlying culprit: your mattress. Whether you have an outdated innerspring variant or your current set up just does not offer the support your body needs, the best mattress can make whole the difference in the world getting some restful sleep.

Now imagine in crawling into bed which conforms to your exclusive curves and hugs your body just so. No more joint pain, no more back pain, and no more pressure points. Now imagine sleeping calmly whole the night, waking up refreshed and raring to go! If this sounds like nirvana, you might wish to try out a memory foam mattress.

Let’s take a look what actually makes memory foam mattress so famous and the type of benefits they offered.

Complete Body hugging comfort

memory foam is an extremely resilient temp sensitive material which reacts to your body weight and heat. As you lie down, the foam rapidly molds to your curves. This body conforming feature is what sets memory foam apart from all other mattress stuff, making it a perfect choice.

Most Comfortable Mattresses of 2019


Perfect for every sleeping positions

The resilient nature of memory foam means they can smoothly accommodate a number of sleep styles, as the material adjusts and evenly distributes the weight of the body. Sleepers of Stomach position will find that their spine is held in ideal alignment, while back and side sleepers enjoy the similar level of unique posture support.

Great motion absorption

Limited motion transfer is one more benefit of current’s memory foam mattresses. The capability to absorb power and minimize the effects of motion make memory foam a perfect option for couples. When one rolls over or flops around, the other one does not feel a thing.



Anybody who suffers from allergic issues should consider memory foam mattress. Polyurethane foam repels  Mildew, mold and is highly resistant to dirt mites and pet dander.


Less neck and back pain

Elastic foam promotes a neutral spinal alignment that in turn lets you sleep in a position that’s both supportive and comfortable. Over the long term, this supports decrease issues with chronic pain as well as back pain.

Customized support

Memory foam mattress used to have a reputation for sleeping hot and having a quicksand sort feel. The recent models have a much better airflow, sleep cooler at night and provide a customized level of support. Currently, you can pick from a range of memory foam mattress comfort thickness as-well-as low density, high or medium density memory foam mattresses.


waiting for update

Selecting Fabric Tub Chairs for Comfort & Style in the Home

There are certain types of furniture that are very comfortable and also have a stylish appeal. Fabric tub chairs could be classified as this type of item. It has a high back that extends all the way around to the sides, thus giving this item of furniture its name, as it resembles one end of a bathtub.

There are many styles of tub chairs that are also made of different materials. They can be found in leather, which happens to be a very popular style, with black and brown being the predominant colors. If a leather accent piece is chosen for a room, it should be of high quality that will last and age gracefully. If the leather is of the full grain variety, it will be very durable and provide comfort for years. It will also give any room in which it is placed a very elegant look. Leather will fit in well with other pieces of the same variety or furniture that are made out of different materials.Fabric Tub Chairs for Comfort

Depending on the decor of the room and the other furnishings, a fabric tub chair can be upholstered to match almost any type of decor. They are less expensive than leather, but still look elegant in a room, especially if the upholstery is of complementary color with the overall color scheme. If the style of the room is changed, the upholstery can also be changed to give this versatile item a completely new look and appeal.

To accent, a room with the appropriate type of chair, take into consideration what comprises the decor of the entire room. This includes not just the other furnishings, but also the color of the walls, window dressings, floors, accent rugs and decorations that might be in the room. Everything should blend in a pleasing manner, whether you prefer complementary color schemes or contrasting colors for accent.

If the objective is to have the furniture item stand out and be the focal point of the room, it would work well if something very vibrant was chosen. For example, red tub chairs are eye-catching and will definitely attract attention. If a bit of vivid color is needed to dress up the room and give it a little pizzazz, this idea will definitely do the trick.

Whatever type of furniture is chosen, it is guaranteed that fabric tub chairs will look very good with any decor and will also turn out to be one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture in the entire house.

Enhance Your Home Office Décor with a Fabric Tub Chair

Fabric tub chairs can be the highlight of any room where they are used. They are very comfortable to sit in because of their tub shaped design and curvy armrests. They are usually made of different kinds of materials like fabric, wicker, wood, plastic, and leather. The most commonly used chairs are fabric and leather. Brown leather tub chairs are very stylish, durable and on the expensive side. A fabric tub chair, on the other hand, is less expensive, stylish and can fit into any kind of decor.

Fabric tub chairs provide more warmth and comfort when compared to other chairs made of wood or plastic. You can also choose from a much wider range of designs, patterns, and colors than with wicker or leather. Because of their well-known comfort, these fabric chairs make a good addition to any study or office. Their visual appeal will entice the visitors and hence will add value to wherever you place them. Their wrap-around feel provides a welcome seat in any environment.

The greatest advantage of having fabric tub swivel chairs is that they can be reupholstered to look like new. When you feel that the existing ones have faded or the material is worn out you can reupholster them to give a brand new look. You can choose darker shades if your seating gets a lot of use which will help them to look fresher for a longer period. People choose lighter shades only if the chairs are meant for occasional use.

You can make your fabric chair look more sophisticated with the addition of beautifully designed matching cushions. You can choose the color and design of the cushion according to the upholstered fabric used on the chairs. You can also keep your chairs protected using tub chair covers.

Simple design and texture of the fabric used will blend with any kind of modern decor used in homes. So with fabric tub chairs each and everyone can find a favorite design or color of their choice. Unlike the leather models, they are not nearly as expensive and have many more options from which to choose. Fabric chairs are now becoming a popular choice in living areas as well as in home offices.

You can find a wide range of swivel tub chairs in your local furniture stores. Take a look around before you decide what you are going to buy. You can also browse the Internet and buy some good quality chairs online. Fabric chairs are considered as the most popular choice because of their wide choice of designs, colors, patterns, type of material and cheaper prices. You can keep your chairs in good condition by taking regular care of them as well as protecting them from damage.

Red Tub Chair: A Great Looking Comfortable Tub Chair

There are many reasons to sit in a wonderful, overstuffed, semicircular, low backed tub chair. The first one is that it is very comfortable. Until a person has experienced first hand the comfort and nurturing mood these types of chairs provide, they just will not understand why they have continued to be so popular throughout the years. The design hugs a person; the back comfortably surrounds them and gives them the feeling of protection and privacy. A red leather tub chair can be bold and sophisticated or just downright fun. They can be found upholstered in dyed leather, velvet or other fabric choices ranging from plain pale red to fire engine red or even orange-red in solids or prints.

A popular choice seems to be a faux leather tub chair. It is usually reasonably priced and comes in shades to fit well with nearly every interior design style. These chairs can have graceful legs, short legs, stubby legs and no legs depending on the style. The frame can be metal or wood with a contemporary, traditional, retro or futuristic style and even have a footstool to accompany it for additional comfort. Best of all, these come in a variety of padding options and can be gigantically overstuffed, completely overstuffed, overstuffed, or on the firmer side.

It’s fun to think up reasons to imagine living with the different models you see in the furniture stores and picturing how each would suit your lifestyle. Holding a baby and watching it wiggle, gurgle and smile are easy and comfortable in one of these red tub chairs, you can even find a baby tub chair for your little one to sit too. When one is alone, you can wrap up in a soft throw and read a novel late into the night. When a friend comes over, visiting is even more pleasant with these comfortable overstuffed modern living room suites pulled close together. Even a lively two-year-old who comes bouncing into the room is happy to snuggle on a warm and willing lap while recharging that youthful energy.

These are excellent for students that need to sit for long hours studying. A student cramming for a test can concentrate better in the comfortable confines of a vibrant semicircular red tub chair. And when it’s time to unwind, an evening spent watching the television is a pleasant endeavor from one of these comfortable relaxing places. Long and intimate conversations on the phone are natural when one is encased in the pleasant confines of a comfortable, cushy seat.

These have a long history in the English countryside where they were made popular in the early 20th century in lounges and clubs. The proprietors of these establishments discovered that people at the table with red tub chairs would linger, eating and drinking more and fattening the coffers. These comfortable swivel tub chairs are still used today to welcome people in places of business as well as homes. People stay where they are comfortable and return to places that make them comfortable.

The Source of My Car Fund

I learned how to trade bitcoin earlier in the year so that I could save up enough money to buy a new car. I wanted to get something small that wouldn’t need a lot of fuel to drive, but as I got more money, I changed my plans. I ended up getting an SUV because I wanted to have more space. I opted for a hybrid that would let me use gas and electric, so that I could save money. I have a solar cell charger in my home that takes energy from the sun and stores it on a battery. I bought this with the money that i got from trading as well.

Before I got the car, I would take the bus and train to get wherever I needed to go. Continue reading “The Source of My Car Fund”

The Best Place to Order Plates Online

I wanted to order some top number plates online, but I honestly did not know which company to go with since there was more than one option. I decided to look at each one in detail and just pick the one that was the best. That turned out to be easier than I expected since only one looked good enough to use. The website is put together really well, and it is extremely easy to use, but it is more than that. I really liked how they explained who they are and why they are the best. Their customer reviews backed up all of this too!

The one thing that I liked best was that it does not come with pre-drilled holes. It comes with the option of either using sticky pads or screws. If you choose to use screws, then the benefit is that you can place the holes where you want for the screws to go through the plate. The benefit of using the sticky pads is that you don’t have holes showing that are not being used. To some, this might not be a big deal, but I really like the idea of using the sticky pads with no holes showing.

That is definitely not the only benefit to using this company though. Their prices are extremely fair, and they make it extremely easy to order the plate through their system. There is a lot of flexibility to in the design, especially if you are ordering show plates. Since I needed legal plates, I had fewer options but still more than I expected to have. I also like that the delivery is quick. I could even have received them the same day if I needed them that quickly. Everything about this company exceeded my expectations, and I will use them in the future too.

I Have to Plan a Birthday Party

In effect I am sort of like the United Nations peacekeepers at the moment, or that poor idiot constable who walks into the middle of a domestic dispute and gets stabbed by one spouse or the other. My boss set me to the task, his son and his daughter in law have three children and the man adores them. They hate one another now and can not speak to one another in civilized tones. At any rate right now I am on https://nebmagic.com/magician-london/ trying to figure out how to hire an entertainer for a soon to be nine year old boy. Continue reading “I Have to Plan a Birthday Party”

Get Help when You Need It

I was talking to a few people about the fact that I had to get some help for my son as he had to improve his science grade. I had no idea what he was going to do because he was having such a hard time with the way that this teacher was teaching him. I wanted to contact someone that was good with kids to help me with my son, a real homework doer. I knew that a retired teacher would be the best thing for my son as they would have the patience and the experience to help my son. Continue reading “Get Help when You Need It”

Table Saw Safety Precautions

Table saw may be the most perilous implement in your shop or home and we all kens that one have to be cautious especially if they have dangerous tools. I believe when one has to be punctilious about it whether it is a Table Saw or any other tool as peril is always revolving around you, don’t take risk at the cost of your life. Utilize your table saw with full concentration as crying over spilt milk is useless. Few table saws has a safety precaution written on it just like Bosch table saw; which consider a finest table saw, I suggestyou to read it vigilantly and then operate it. Following are the indispensable safety measures that one should keep in mind afore operating or working

Face and Body Protection: Its human psychology that they protect their face very much and endeavor to forfend it. The best way to bulwark your face is to utilize a face shield if it’s necessary. Endeavor to wear glasses all the time while operating the table saw, the ear is also a vital organ and in order to protect it from hardship it’s recommended to wear an ear protector to eschew sound disturbance. If you wear loose apparel than there is jeopardy of clothes get in machine or table saw and can pull you toward it. So, try to wear tight clothing with no saggy jewelry.

Cleanliness: Endeavor to clean the table saw and its circumventing clean in order to work efficiently. Saw dust can be very perilous that’s why it is recommended to eradicate it by cleaning the area as it can provide you peaceful and dust free place to work. Never let the rust to capture your table saw as it can affect the working capabilities of your saw.

Never Touch moving blade: This is the consequential point to remember, if you optate to change the blade setting than never try to do it in a hurry when you table saw is working or moving, always let the complete table saw turn off and then change the setting according to your desire. It’s always recommended to utilize common sense afore operating table saw.

Is an Electric Razor best for Sensitive Skin

if you have a sensitive skin, you will be well conscious how it counter if you utilize a shaving cream or a innovative soap but in case of shaving it develop into extremely sensitive. You may experience impatience past spending hardly any hours in the sunlight and it develops into flushed or unreliable if you get in touch with some callous cosmetic product. You can effortlessly get suntan in hardly any minutes owing to the experience of your body to the insensitive sun lights.  What will be the case, if you begin shaving with exceedingly receptive skin and it will respond if you don’t think about of your skin problem while shaving with electric shaver?  You be obliged to keep in mind a few significant shaving tips for utilizing electric razor for sensitive skin while shaving with decidedly sensitive skin you have and it will be of immense assist for you to like your shaving each time you shave with your finest preferred electric shaver.

In the foremost tip of shaving tips for sensitive skin, you should shave at night to do a shave with exceedingly sensitive skin as it will present lot of time to mend and get back to your regular conditions as you go to bed. When you perform shaving in night point, it will eradicate the dead cells of your skin and original layer of your skin will be uncovered in afternoon with bright and fairer look.

You can also go behind shaving cream for extremely sensitive skin because it will be extremely cooperative in softening your hairs and shaving will turn into much easier while using the top electric shaver of your selection from the market. If you have thick hair, you may face intricacy in shaving and may end up with poignant razor further than formerly on your sensitive skin and this stroke may lead to razor smack and root damage to your skin. Hang around for only some minutes and concern the shaving cream to contract shaving suitably and effortlessly devoid of facing any ruthless difficulty. You can also decide on the electric razor preferably urbanized for exceedingly sensitive skins. Waterproof electric shavers are well thought-out finest as they are freestyle shavers for sensitive skins and with additional mobility they will be easier to employ. By means of lotion distributor with your branded electric shaver will also present you finest shave devoid of facing any exasperation or cuts throughout the shaving procedure.

PD7030/12 Portable DVD Player innovation by Phillips

As far reverse as I can bear in mind whenever I rode in the back bench of a car or in a bus I for all moment hunted to be capable to observe my favorite movies and succession on a relatively great screen and not the one from my MP4 player. Obviously not several inhabitants can manage to pay for to have an 2din in-dash DVD player in their car while still less can pay for to have head support LCD screens plugged into a innermost DVD comfort (to be truthful with you that seems a bit overstatement unless you have kids). So it didn’t obtain long for manufacturer such as Philips, Sony and Panasonic come up with portable DVD players that also come up to with more than 7inch screens close to them. The single dilemma is that when these devices completed their unveiling the price was so elevated that it also wasn’t uncomplicated for each person to have one.

Providentially some years later, this is no longer the case and so at present we will be captivating a look at the most recent entry level contribution by Philips the PD7030/12 7″ Portable DVD Player. As a world leader in healthcare, existence and illumination, Philips integrate technologies and proposes into people-centric solutions, support on elementary consumer insights and the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”. Philips customer Lifestyle recommends rich, new consumer understanding that meets consumers’ yearning for recreation and civilizing their situation in mind.

Philips compose an extensive assortment of portable DVD players opening with their entry level ones featuring 7″ screens and up to their elevated end ones with 9″ screens and still built-in MPEG4 DVB-T decoders. nonetheless even though all their models where ready on hand to us we had to single out one and so we strong-willed to spotlight on their access point model since it will nearly all expected be the favored choice for nearly all people on a stretched financial statement. So PD7030 Portable DVD Player coalesce a 7″ 16:9 color LCD screen characteristic a decree of 480x234pixels and a DVD player compatible with DVDs, VCD/VCDs and CDs. As anticipated the device can playback a variety of media arrangement such as customary DVD video, Diva video, audio CDs, MP3s and JPEG cinema from picture discs. I am well responsive that the display resolution is not striking but the by and large package is rather good so let’s see accurately what you are being paid.

haXe FLV Video Streaming Multithread Server, now with webcam and mic recording

haXe FLV Video Streaming Multithread Server is small and fast multithread FLV video and audio streaming server, written competely in universal haXe language by Nicolas Canasse, the author ofMTASC compiler and the author of haXe language.haXe Video server supports webcam and mic recording, improved the FLV and AMF support. There’s simple test application which you can run in just few easy steps.To test the haXe FLV Video Streaming Multithread Server:

  • unpack the distributive
  • run the server.bat
  • open video.swf
  • click “Record Cam” button
  • dance, sing and clap your hands say yeah to the camera
  • click “Stop” button
  • click “Play Rec. Video”
  • see all your actions recorded.

The first beta of haXe Video, the multithread FLV video streaming server was released February 11, 200. The goal was to create lightweight and fast media server for streaming the audio- and video- files with high performance.

Filesize of haXe Video distributive is 7 MB, where 7 MB is the size of sample video FLV file provided within the distributive. No misprint here. To be precise, the total size of all haXe Video server source files is 131 KB. Moreover, as Nicolas wrote, it is less actually: 15.3 KB for AMF+FLV+RTMP protocols and 12.5 KB for the server itself, plus + 6.8 KB for the sample UI and logic.

That’s about lightweight.

Some think that Canasse is kidding; however, he doesn’t.

Apollo 3D Test v 0.1: my first Apollo app (Google Maps, Pv3D, Flex, Apollo Alpha)

Update: Application is prepared for the latest version of the Adobe AIR.

Download the latest version here: Google 3D Map Adobe AIR Application.

Apollo is free from some limitations of regular Flash Player; for example, with Apollo’s HTMLcomponent you able to load something from the web and to operate with it in any way, without necessity to care about all those annoying cross-domain policy files.

For example, you can take Google Maps, place it on the 3D plane or sphere, keeping the interactivity of dragging the map (you needed Apollo Runtime for have this example working):

I’m truly intrigued with Adobe Apollo!

Ruby on Rails Cairngorm Generator is released by Ilya Devers

Idea of creation Flex applications with slick Rails scaffolding-like approach came to me just in moment when I introduced myself to Ruby on Rails (Google translation from Russian) inspired by Michael Klishin; more exactly, when I have learned what scaffolding is (roughly said, the procedure of automatic creation the whole MVC stuff by given data structure). This idea has flooded the space since then and its density has reached the critical value:

Sep 10th, 2006
Alex MacCaw announced he has started creation of the Cairngorm Rails Generator.

Jan 10th, 2007
Ilya Devers has published the first stable version of his Ruby on Rails Cairngorm Generators set at Google Code. Download: cairngorm-rails-generator.zip.

It does:

  • Take your application name and create typical Cairngorm structure, including modelLocator, frontController, services.mxml and application itself. You can also set the package structure.
  • Create (server) delegates.
  • Generate Cairngorm Commands, Events and comments.
  • Create standalone events and value objects (though author acknowledges that it could make more sense to create VOs based on model classes).
  • Include generator for WebOrb Service class.

Jan 27th, 2007
Michael Klishin has posted a great article named “Ruby / DSL Saves Your Soul and Makes You a Happy Flex developer” (Google translation from Russian).

Good idea never come into only head alone. Things become dangerous and amazing.

Flash CS3 import from Adobe Illustrator done well. Or just excellent

Yesterday I faced the task of importing pretty complex Adobe Illustrator CS2 file into flash. File contained a lot of vector shapes for creation of characters like this one (there was a lot of characters in teh AI file):

First, I tried to import AI file with Flash 8 Professional. After import I’ve discovered that almost everything become bitmap — not the thing I need!

So I tried to import the same file with the Flash CS3 and got so pleasant surprise: excepting a couple of dashed strokes everything imported perfectly in vector!

More, when importing, I have the advanced dialog where can choose the import settings for each AI file layer – to import it as movieclip or raster, and so on. There’s a good option of selecting everything with [Ctrl + A] and setting the needed import details for all items by a couple of clicks.

One of the issues I’ve noticed during import was slightly changed red channel in images, but I think I should talk to my AI illustrator dude first and ask him to clear the color mode issue. He provided me the file in CMYK. So Flash CS3 warned me that I try to import file in CMYK mode, so I changed the Illustrator’s file color mode in AI and re-saved and re-imported the the document and all went good. But the slight color change seems to be here.

Respect Adobe: Illustrator Import to Flash CS3 is just a candy.

Adobe Service-Oriented Client already installed at 98% of Internet machines

Matt Voerman brings a truly fresh look at the our lovely Flash Player calling it a SOC – Service-Oriented Client from Adobe. Very good point regarding any negotiations between developer and client: now, instead of saying “we can use Flash” you can tell everyone: “We will use the ubiquitous, most popular, lightweight, persistent, secured and rich-functioning web client software to deliver the project to the end user”. SOA + SOC = Flash Platform.

This is Flash 2.0, dear stake-holders, project managers and every true creator.

Firefox search plugins for Flex 2, Flex 3, Actionscript 3 LiveDocs and Adobe Labs. And great news: Yahoo! just announced its Flash Platform Team

These Firefox search plug-ins provide Flex & Flash developers not only fastest but the most clever search by ActionScript 3, Flex 2, Flex 3 LiveDocs, Adobe Labs and Flash documentation because of Google engine is used. Install with one click:

  1.  Install ActionScript 3 LiveDocs Firefox search plug-in.
  2.  Install Flex 2 LiveDocs search plug-in.
  3.  Install Flex 3 LiveDocs Firefox search plug-in.
  4.  Install Adobe Labs search plug-in.

Today’s the great day. Sun is shining, I slept for two hours because of Gmail  Threadless, wake up and read that Yahoo! announces its Flash Platform Team!

P.S. After I created and published these pluginsI’ve found that Alessandro Crugnola has made cool Flash/Flex Firefox Search Plugins already, and even proposed a cool approach of searching for flash docs with Google Suggest.

haXe FLV Video Streaming Multithread Server, now with webcam and mic recording

haXe FLV Video Streaming Multithread Server is small and fast multithread FLV video and audio streaming server, written competely in universal haXe language by Nicolas Canasse, the author ofMTASC compiler and the author of haXe language.haXe Video server supports webcam and mic recording, improved the FLV and AMF support. There’s simple test application which you can run in just few easy steps.To test the haXe FLV Video Streaming Multithread Server:

  • unpack the distributive
  • run the server.bat
  • open video.swf
  • click “Record Cam” button
  • dance, sing and clap your hands say yeah to the camera
  • click “Stop” button
  • click “Play Rec. Video”
  • see all your actions recorded.

The first beta of haXe Video, the multithread FLV video streaming server was released February 11, 200. The goal was to create lightweight and fast media server for streaming the audio- and video- files with high performance.

Filesize of haXe Video distributive is 7 MB, where 7 MB is the size of sample video FLV file provided within the distributive. No misprint here. To be precise, the total size of all haXe Video server source files is 131 KB. Moreover, as Nicolas wrote, it is less actually: 15.3 KB for AMF+FLV+RTMP protocols and 12.5 KB for the server itself, plus + 6.8 KB for the sample UI and logic.

That’s about lightweight.

Some think that Canasse is kidding; however, he doesn’t.

Lost and Found: The Playable Virtual Arcade Games of Soviet Children, Online

When some of Soviet adults played big and serious Cold War Game, the happy children of U.S.S.R. were spending their time in different way. The culture of arcade machine games was blossoming in both city and country side. To be honest, not every village have got its electronic playground made on military factories, but there was pretty plenty of, and I was one of that happy children who has access.

That time has gone as soon as Iron Curtain fell and cheap game consoles (Mario, we remember you too) and then PCs became available to the regular families. But memory lives, and there are people in Moscow who does remember the old-school Soviet Arcade games, a big metal boxes with fancy, colorful reality inside, with controls and buttons, with a lot of fun. Alexander Stelmakh have founded the Museum, there are some details in the Wired’s Soviet-Era Arcade Games Crawl Out of Their Cold War article.

Now, some of the Soviet Era Arcades are online and playable

And now anyone can visit the Museum of Soviet arcade machines, that just opened today! At the moment, only its Russian version is fully functional. But you can actually play the favorite arcade games of Soviet kids. We thank the Flash Developer of Artemy Lebedev Studio, Dmitry Bezverhii and Anton Sidorenko, we also want to respect the whole ArtLebedev Studio for this cool work. These games probably not for everyone, but here they are, virtual Arcade Mashines of the U.S.S.R. At present, only four have been created in flash, but I hope more to come:

  • Play “Magistral“ (eng: “Thoroughfare”), read its translated description.
  • Play “Morskoy Boy“ (eng: “Sea Battle”). This game seems to be a clone of “Midway’s Sea Raider”. Read translated description.
  • Play “Gorodki“, old Russian Game, here’s translated description and article in Wikipedia.
  • Play “Avtoralli“ (eng: “Rally”), read its translated description.

Also, there are a huge quantity of nice illustrations of the development process.

The question is, can these games be popular in wide auditory, except the fans of 8-bit art, old school and vintage junkies, and the ex-children of Soviet Union?


Free issue of Flash & Flex Developers’s Magazine

To add one item to the reading list: There’s a bunch of great articles from the ones for Beginners to Advanced ones like “AS3/Flex Modularization and Big Projects”, “Visualizing Relational Data Using Graph Theory”, “Developing a Mini-blog Using Flex and PHP” and much more it the free issue of Flash & Flex Developers’s Magazine. You can download it here: A Breath of Fresh AIR for Desktop Apps. There’s also an interview with Mike Chambers.

Learned from the blog of Lee Graham.