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We Are Improving More Than I Expected

I had scheduled six of my top salesmen to attend a verkooptraining to help them with new sales techniques. I attended with them because I am the type where if I expect my employees to do or know something, then I am going to do and know it also. We learned a good bit those three days of the sales training, and I knew that the men who worked for me would implement the new strategies they learned immediately. I learned a lot too, but I was intrigued by learning more after I was told about the Sales Excellence training.

This is four days of follow up after the sales training. Basically, that was the intro for me, essentially laying down the foundation for new strategies. The next level of training was more for me than my team because it had to do with things that I handle on my own. It had to do with pricing, negotiations, and relationship management. I was very happy that I took the extra four days to learn about this because I learned things that I did not even know were missing from my work life.

I knew that my sales team was using the tactics they had learned because the bottom line just does not lie. Sales were up, and we were approaching a milestone as far as the number of new customers goes. I was so impressed with the growth that we were doing that I knew the men were going to be surprised with the bonuses I had decided to give out. They always get one at the end of the year, but they definitely deserved getting this unexpected one in the middle of the year. I am so excited to see where we are going to go from this point on!