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The Source of My Car Fund

I learned how to trade bitcoin earlier in the year so that I could save up enough money to buy a new car. I wanted to get something small that wouldn’t need a lot of fuel to drive, but as I got more money, I changed my plans. I ended up getting an SUV because I wanted to have more space. I opted for a hybrid that would let me use gas and electric, so that I could save money. I have a solar cell charger in my home that takes energy from the sun and stores it on a battery. I bought this with the money that i got from trading as well.

Before I got the car, I would take the bus and train to get wherever I needed to go. It was inconvenient because I would have to wait for them to come, meaning that I couldn’t really make my own schedule. I was limited by the arrival and departure times, and when they were running less frequently, I would have to wait even longer. I could have taken a ride share or taxi to my destinations, but that would have cost a lot more than riding public transportation.

Although I have my own car now, it does come with one downside. When the traffic gets bad, I become stuck because the cars move at a slow pace. Sometimes when I’m stuck in traffic, I check out how the bitcoin market is doing by looking at the trading app on my phone. It’s a good way to pass the time and by the time the traffic starts moving again, the bitcoin prices will have taken a hikes and dips. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten road rage from going through through a bad moment of trading.