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Parallel People Workflow – Acrobat.com

BuzzWord + ConnectNow + 5GB Shared for me at Acrobat.com – it was the happy very first day of Summer’08.It seems like I’ve just thought about something like it and now it’s here. Actually, I was only thirsty for using Connect as replacement for my teleconferencing with clients, but Adobe, it looks like you read my thoughts in advance on almost everything regarding online collaboration and documentation. Regarding ADs, I like how it is explained:

“…about whether we are going to put advertising in Acrobat.com. In short, that is not our plan today. Adobe has built a great business selling software, and we plan to continue to do so with software as a service via Acrobat.com.”

I tend to call it Parallel People Workflow, which is hardly only a technical, but motivational issue too: as I remember, it is usually easier to proceed with the document when you know you are not alone. Maybe it’s just my laziness, but then other people probably got it too.

Tools for too lazy ones, yeah