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New Online 3D Alternativa Game – in development, but very promising

Meet the Alternativa Game Blog ??� regular news from the developers team of upcoming flash 3D online game.

Suprise: reasonably or not, they do not use Papervision3D developing their own engine because it is heavily optimized for the game needs as they said. They develop unique approaches like texture lighting with highlights, texture objects and even its own 3D editor (hello, Google SketchUp). There also advanced shading tricks like special corners processing ??� you can see the more dark shadows in the corners in action here as well as other abovementioned stuff.

Also, there’s a lot of already created custom game interactive objects like TV, phone, photocamera, watches, newspaper, and more ??� check the Alternativa Game project’s blog, you will see a lot of demos there. Pretty promising and good already. Also, they may release their game 3d engine as public later.