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I Have to Plan a Birthday Party

In effect I am sort of like the United Nations peacekeepers at the moment, or that poor idiot constable who walks into the middle of a domestic dispute and gets stabbed by one spouse or the other. My boss set me to the task, his son and his daughter in law have three children and the man adores them. They hate one another now and can not speak to one another in civilized tones. At any rate right now I am on https://nebmagic.com/magician-london/ trying to figure out how to hire an entertainer for a soon to be nine year old boy. I would have found something else, but the boy is apparently fascinated by magicians and likes to perform tricks himself, so I need to find the right magician. I thought I would try to arrange some sort of lessons for the boy, but I do not know how practical that is as an idea.

At any rate the party itself is really not so big of a deal, the more pressing thing is to make sure no one shows up armed or inebriated. The boss himself used some rather colorful language to describe his son, who clearly has a problem with drinking and a much more serious problem with his behavior while he is inebriated. So the real difficulty is going to be making sure he does not show up in the bag on a Saturday afternoon and create a real fiasco. Towards this end we have kind of arranged for some babysitters, some rather large friends of the family have been assigned the job of trying to keep him clear of the pubs prior to the party and then be ready to spring into action if some unfortunate episode should ensue. It is not like the children need more drama than the magician can provide.