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How to make money from your flash games? Kongregate them

  1. Johannes Gutenberg, european inventor of printing with movable type has passed away in poverty and debt, but very soon after his death his creditors made a lot of money.
  2. Columbus has opened America and has finished in powerty at the hospital berth; but tobacco companies prosper.
  3. A thousands of flash developers create games and usually sell them just one time to client (how often their fee is aligned with development time and comlexity?). Then these games are being stolen by collector web sites kinda best-free-game.com or 2flashgames.com, whose owners haven’t made any effort nor to create of the game, neither to provide payments to its authors.

That’s why the kongregate (referrer link) website was needed and consequently was born. This is the place where flash game developer are invited as much as game players are.

The principle is simple: you (game developer) upload your game to kongregate website and kongregate pay back to you as result of sharing money from ads rotation. It is honest. The more popular your game, the more your money is. The more popular kongregate, the deeper in the asshole thieves, who don’t pay game creators any cent or even backlink.

The creator of coca cola hasn’t became a richman, as many other inventors hasn’t — unlike a crowd of moneymakers who adroitly use their inventions.