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DVD Rippers, their antipods and what is dvd, cd, audio and video ripping

As I see, a lot of people come here searching for DVD rippers.

There’s a lot of tool at the market which help to rip the DVD off of the disk.

Ripping a DVD to avi, mpeg, xvid or divx is just easy, if you have the dvd ripping software. There’s a lot of tools at the market like the auto gordian knot (autogk) and DVD decrypter.

DVD decrypter rips the raw DVD video and audio data off of DVD disk drive, allowing you to decrypt the CSS protection. Finally you can disable any DVD protection toos, such as Macrovision. A lot of DVD codecs and a GUI interface of AutoGK take the raw DVD data through an AV processing pipeline to produce a single windows video file which you can view as regular avi file.

But it is interesting to know how legal DVD ripping is

Wikipedia says:

“Ripping (also referred to as digital audio extraction) is the process of copying the audio or video data from one media form, such as DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray or CD, to a hard disk”


“Although it is legal in the United States to make backup copies of software, the legality of ripping music for personal use without the permission of the copyright holder is controversial. Historically, copying media for personal use has been deemed “fair use,” however the RIAA, which represents many music copyright holders has argued that copying rights have not been granted to end users. Selling software to circumvent copy-protection in commercial DVDs is illegal.”

But I wonder why is Ripping? What is “ripping” itself?

The origin of the word “rip” in this context is interesting. It originally came from Amiga/Atari/Commie64 D00DZ that used to “rip” audio and graphic images from games, and it often implied that a bit of hacking was necessary to extract the data. Apparently it’s now used to refer to directly reading the digital data from an audio CD; while the connection is somewhat obvious, there’s rarely any hacking involved on the part of the ripper grin) – says theeggeadventure.com and then:

Origins of Ripping

This is the slang term for ???Audio across SCSI??? or ???Digital Audio Extraction.??? This method of recording digitally copies (extracts) the music bit by bit directly from the CD?????s surface, and does not degrade the quality of the music by converting it to analog.
The term “Digital Audio Extraction” sounds like something only a dentist should use. What does it mean?
Unless your computer is really old, it will do digital audio extraction. This is the process of taking files off of a CD and making them into separate song files. It’s also known as “ripping.” Ripper software programs are often used to make MP3 files from CDs, which is the origin of all the Napster fuss.
In better English it is called ???Audio Extraction???. The etymology of ???ripping??? is probably ??? to rip-off (a CD) from its file.

Please note: these article is created as note for myself.