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Cannot create the database because MKSS.EXE could not be located – Visual SourceSafe says when you try to create the new database but Administrative Tools was not set up during custom install

Such error I’ve got today when tried to create the VSS database for one of my projects, at the very last step of database creation wizard. As for me, this is pretty unfriendly behavior: application should warn me of such issues at the very first step, not just give me a poor error window at the very last one, despite the fact there’s not vary much steps in “Create new database” wizard at all.

Sometimes I use Miscrosoft Visual SourceSafe when working with .NET developers at the same projects or project requirements imply the usage of VSS.

Last time I used VSS pretty far ago, nearly two years. Today I installed it again to store the project’s files in the VSS database. Usually I’ve been accessing the database created earlier by other developer or by admin, so I’ve never installed “Administrative Tools” with VSS when performed a custom install. This time, I should have create the databese by myself and when I’ve tried to do so, the “Cannot create the database because MKSS.EXE could not be located” error appeared at the very last step of the process, when I pressed the “Finish” button.

I’ve googled for the exact phrase made from error text, and found no results. This is strange. Is it only me who got such error at all? Then I googled just for “MKSS.EXE” and found “How To Create a New Database in Visual SourceSafe” article from Microsoft. Mkss.exe should be located in the Win32 directory in Visual SourceSafe – there was stated. So I suggested “Administrative Tools” when performing custom install is needed, run setup.exe from VSS distributive folder again, selected “Add or remove features”, then checked “Administrative Tools” and that’s all. Then succesfully created the database.

Happy end, but it would be much better to have more friendly workflow and help in such situations.