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The Source of My Car Fund

I learned how to trade bitcoin earlier in the year so that I could save up enough money to buy a new car. I wanted to get something small that wouldn’t need a lot of fuel to drive, but as I got more money, I changed my plans. I ended up getting an SUV because I wanted to have more space. I opted for a hybrid that would let me use gas and electric, so that I could save money. I have a solar cell charger in my home that takes energy from the sun and stores it on a battery. I bought this with the money that i got from trading as well.

Before I got the car, I would take the bus and train to get wherever I needed to go. Continue reading “The Source of My Car Fund”

The Best Place to Order Plates Online

I wanted to order some top number plates online, but I honestly did not know which company to go with since there was more than one option. I decided to look at each one in detail and just pick the one that was the best. That turned out to be easier than I expected since only one looked good enough to use. The website is put together really well, and it is extremely easy to use, but it is more than that. I really liked how they explained who they are and why they are the best. Their customer reviews backed up all of this too!

The one thing that I liked best was that it does not come with pre-drilled holes. It comes with the option of either using sticky pads or screws. If you choose to use screws, then the benefit is that you can place the holes where you want for the screws to go through the plate. The benefit of using the sticky pads is that you don’t have holes showing that are not being used. To some, this might not be a big deal, but I really like the idea of using the sticky pads with no holes showing.

That is definitely not the only benefit to using this company though. Their prices are extremely fair, and they make it extremely easy to order the plate through their system. There is a lot of flexibility to in the design, especially if you are ordering show plates. Since I needed legal plates, I had fewer options but still more than I expected to have. I also like that the delivery is quick. I could even have received them the same day if I needed them that quickly. Everything about this company exceeded my expectations, and I will use them in the future too.

We Are Improving More Than I Expected

I had scheduled six of my top salesmen to attend a verkooptraining to help them with new sales techniques. I attended with them because I am the type where if I expect my employees to do or know something, then I am going to do and know it also. We learned a good bit those three days of the sales training, and I knew that the men who worked for me would implement the new strategies they learned immediately. I learned a lot too, but I was intrigued by learning more after I was told about the Sales Excellence training.

This is four days of follow up after the sales training. Continue reading “We Are Improving More Than I Expected”

I Have to Plan a Birthday Party

In effect I am sort of like the United Nations peacekeepers at the moment, or that poor idiot constable who walks into the middle of a domestic dispute and gets stabbed by one spouse or the other. My boss set me to the task, his son and his daughter in law have three children and the man adores them. They hate one another now and can not speak to one another in civilized tones. At any rate right now I am on https://nebmagic.com/magician-london/ trying to figure out how to hire an entertainer for a soon to be nine year old boy. Continue reading “I Have to Plan a Birthday Party”

Get Help when You Need It

I was talking to a few people about the fact that I had to get some help for my son as he had to improve his science grade. I had no idea what he was going to do because he was having such a hard time with the way that this teacher was teaching him. I wanted to contact someone that was good with kids to help me with my son, a real homework doer. I knew that a retired teacher would be the best thing for my son as they would have the patience and the experience to help my son. Continue reading “Get Help when You Need It”