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Sources for Apollo 3D Test application v 0.2

Update: Application is prepared for the latest version of the Adobe AIR.

Download the latest version here: Google 3D Map Adobe AIR Application.

I’ve just published the source files for Apollo 3D Test App, and updated the application a bit: added the option of map smoothing. Surprise, this doesn’t decrease the app performance — check it out: Apollo 3d Test v 0.2 with Google Maps and Papervision 3D.

To run it, you need Apollo Runtime, here’s the screenshot (click it to download / install the app):

BTW, after installing the Apollo Extension for Flex Builder I’ve got a feeling that my FB2 started work faster. Surely, this simple app builds in second or two, while I have Photoshop, Outlook, Dreamweaver, Word, Visio, Firefox, Winamp 5 and LastFM scrobbler opened, plus GoogleTalk, Skype and one Apache process running.