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Meet the FDJ: Flex Developer’s Journal at flex.SYS-CON.com

Now Flex Developers have the whole Flex Developer’s Journal section and corresponding top-level menu at the famous SYS-CON Media website. It is just the top level menu item between the “WEB2.0″ and “LINUX” ones. Weeeeehooooo!

Transmit all your positive waves toward the Yakov Fain. He’s a Editor-in-Chief of this whole great new section.

And a lot of respect goes to the other authors who published numerous advanced Flex Articles at SYS-CON before and thanks to Yakov again for his strong efforts in growing this new FLEX SYS-CON trend, bringing it really alive and providing massive help to talented Flex experts in publishing their articles, e.g. Advanced Ant for Adobe Flex Projects (How to use Ant to automate HTML wrappers creation and more) by Konstantin Kovalev.

Also, Yakov is the co-author of one of the best Flex Development Books ever — you know.

New FDJ authors are invided – read Yakov’s Message From the Editor-in-Chief of Flex Developer’s Journal for details.

God, save the Flex.