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“Lights”, new animation from the Capital creators

Update: due to work reason, author temporarily removed the video from net, but promised to put it back in a week. Please be patient.
Do you remember “Capital” music video? Meet the new work from its author. Aliaksei Tserakhaumade animation for Lyapis Trubetskoy “Lights” song:

Lyapis Trubetskoy “Lights” from Aliaksei Tserakhau on Vimeo.

BTW, the “Lights” music video won the first prize in the nomination “Best Animation” of Portugal VIMUS International Music Video Festival. Its competitors were Chemical Brothers “Salmon dance” by Dom & Nic, Bjork, “Declare Independence” by Michele Gondri, and Temposhark “Blame” by Motomichi Nakamura.

Just after the nomination, Aliaksei promised to put the video online to let everybody see it, and today he did it.

Congratulations to brothers in arms!