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Google makes love to Flex with its SearchMash application

Google rolled out the Flex version of its SearchMash, which was already mentioned not only by Adobeans (Ryan Stewart, Mike Potter, James Ward) but by so popular TechCrunch too. The good recognition of Flash Platform opportunities.

I’m thinking about motivation behind Google’s playing with Flex. The strong points of Flex technology (SearchMash is developed in) is big set of ready-to-use UI components (=fast application prototyping), high debugging capabilities, compile-time error checking, strong variable typing and overall proximity of ActionScript3 language to the latest ECMAScript implementation, which brings AS3 far towards the best practices of architecture and coding. Javascript2 will have set of new features in future, while many of them are already well-implemented in AS3, today. So, making AS3 application, Google might foresees the upcoming JS2 in Firefox 3/4.

Moreover, Tamarin project brings both AS and JS languages even closer together, so implementing SearchMash today in AS3/Flash might make future migration to the Javascript3 easier.