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Flash and Flex Remoting implementations for different platforms

There’s a lot Flex Remoting solutions for different platforms and platforms and languages. I decided to summarize them in the following list:

  • Java: BlazeDS. Official Adobe open source Flex Remoting solution, proposed for porting to all other platforms.
    Tutorial: How to use BlazeDS Remoting.
  • .NET: FluorineFx. Works just great (tested by myself).
    Tutorial: How to Integrate .Net / Flex 3 with FluorineFX.
  • Python: PyAMF.Tutorial: Using PyAMF with Google App Engine.
    Tutorials: Flash/PHP/Flex/AMFPHP Tutorials.
  • Ruby on Rails: RubyAMF.Tutorials: Flexible Rails excerpt: Refactoring to RubyAMF, Flash Remoting for Rails Tutorial.
  • AJAX: WebORB. AJAX, Java, .NET, PHP and RoR Remoting!
    Tutorials and Examples: WebORB and Rich Client System Demos.

It’s just great to see how widely Flash Remoting and AMF are spreaded among the web development world. Am I missing any important tool here?