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Dynamic Sound Generation in Flash Player 10

Flash Player Engineer Tinic Uro explains, why it is impossible to fix the broken SOUND_COMPLETE behavior in Flash Player 10. And why it even become worse in FP10 (well, it is possible to fix, but considered b@d_EnGiNeeRinG. I’m at the Tinic side here).

And generally saying, there’s no ‘cool’ solution in Astro for this problem. As Tinic said, it will be resolved in next major release, Flash Player 11.

But! In FP10 the new sound model is available. First, it allows long-awaited Dynamic Sound Generation feature. And now you can choose balance between performance and latency of sound generation in your app using a new “samplesCallback” event of the Sound object.

Here’s the explanation and code samples of the new sound model in Flash Player 10 from Tinic Uro.

And finally, third one of the Tinic’s article set on new Sound features in FP10 explains the different sound sources possible in this release.

I think you are doing it right, Adobe Flash Player Team.