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PD7030/12 Portable DVD Player innovation by Phillips

As far reverse as I can bear in mind whenever I rode in the back bench of a car or in a bus I for all moment hunted to be capable to observe my favorite movies and succession on a relatively great screen and not the one from my MP4 player. Obviously not several inhabitants can manage to pay for to have an 2din in-dash DVD player in their car while still less can pay for to have head support LCD screens plugged into a innermost DVD comfort (to be truthful with you that seems a bit overstatement unless you have kids). So it didn’t obtain long for manufacturer such as Philips, Sony and Panasonic come up with portable DVD players that also come up to with more than 7inch screens close to them. The single dilemma is that when these devices completed their unveiling the price was so elevated that it also wasn’t uncomplicated for each person to have one.

Providentially some years later, this is no longer the case and so at present we will be captivating a look at the most recent entry level contribution by Philips the PD7030/12 7″ Portable DVD Player. As a world leader in healthcare, existence and illumination, Philips integrate technologies and proposes into people-centric solutions, support on elementary consumer insights and the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”. Philips customer Lifestyle recommends rich, new consumer understanding that meets consumers’ yearning for recreation and civilizing their situation in mind.

Philips compose an extensive assortment of portable DVD players opening with their entry level ones featuring 7″ screens and up to their elevated end ones with 9″ screens and still built-in MPEG4 DVB-T decoders. nonetheless even though all their models where ready on hand to us we had to single out one and so we strong-willed to spotlight on their access point model since it will nearly all expected be the favored choice for nearly all people on a stretched financial statement. So PD7030 Portable DVD Player coalesce a 7″ 16:9 color LCD screen characteristic a decree of 480x234pixels and a DVD player compatible with DVDs, VCD/VCDs and CDs. As anticipated the device can playback a variety of media arrangement such as customary DVD video, Diva video, audio CDs, MP3s and JPEG cinema from picture discs. I am well responsive that the display resolution is not striking but the by and large package is rather good so let’s see accurately what you are being paid.

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Ruby on Rails Cairngorm Generator is released by Ilya Devers

Idea of creation Flex applications with slick Rails scaffolding-like approach came to me just in moment when I introduced myself to Ruby on Rails (Google translation from Russian) inspired by Michael Klishin; more exactly, when I have learned what scaffolding is (roughly said, the procedure of automatic creation the whole MVC stuff by given data structure). This idea has flooded the space since then and its density has reached the critical value:

Sep 10th, 2006
Alex MacCaw announced he has started creation of the Cairngorm Rails Generator.

Jan 10th, 2007
Ilya Devers has published the first stable version of his Ruby on Rails Cairngorm Generators set at Google Code. Download: cairngorm-rails-generator.zip.

It does:

  • Take your application name and create typical Cairngorm structure, including modelLocator, frontController, services.mxml and application itself. You can also set the package structure.
  • Create (server) delegates.
  • Generate Cairngorm Commands, Events and comments.
  • Create standalone events and value objects (though author acknowledges that it could make more sense to create VOs based on model classes).
  • Include generator for WebOrb Service class.

Jan 27th, 2007
Michael Klishin has posted a great article named “Ruby / DSL Saves Your Soul and Makes You a Happy Flex developer” (Google translation from Russian).

Good idea never come into only head alone. Things become dangerous and amazing.

Flash CS3 import from Adobe Illustrator done well. Or just excellent

Yesterday I faced the task of importing pretty complex Adobe Illustrator CS2 file into flash. File contained a lot of vector shapes for creation of characters like this one (there was a lot of characters in teh AI file):

First, I tried to import AI file with Flash 8 Professional. After import I’ve discovered that almost everything become bitmap — not the thing I need!

So I tried to import the same file with the Flash CS3 and got so pleasant surprise: excepting a couple of dashed strokes everything imported perfectly in vector!

More, when importing, I have the advanced dialog where can choose the import settings for each AI file layer – to import it as movieclip or raster, and so on. There’s a good option of selecting everything with [Ctrl + A] and setting the needed import details for all items by a couple of clicks.

One of the issues I’ve noticed during import was slightly changed red channel in images, but I think I should talk to my AI illustrator dude first and ask him to clear the color mode issue. He provided me the file in CMYK. So Flash CS3 warned me that I try to import file in CMYK mode, so I changed the Illustrator’s file color mode in AI and re-saved and re-imported the the document and all went good. But the slight color change seems to be here.

Respect Adobe: Illustrator Import to Flash CS3 is just a candy.

Adobe Service-Oriented Client already installed at 98% of Internet machines

Matt Voerman brings a truly fresh look at the our lovely Flash Player calling it a SOC – Service-Oriented Client from Adobe. Very good point regarding any negotiations between developer and client: now, instead of saying “we can use Flash” you can tell everyone: “We will use the ubiquitous, most popular, lightweight, persistent, secured and rich-functioning web client software to deliver the project to the end user”. SOA + SOC = Flash Platform.

This is Flash 2.0, dear stake-holders, project managers and every true creator.

Firefox search plugins for Flex 2, Flex 3, Actionscript 3 LiveDocs and Adobe Labs. And great news: Yahoo! just announced its Flash Platform Team

These Firefox search plug-ins provide Flex & Flash developers not only fastest but the most clever search by ActionScript 3, Flex 2, Flex 3 LiveDocs, Adobe Labs and Flash documentation because of Google engine is used. Install with one click:

  1.  Install ActionScript 3 LiveDocs Firefox search plug-in.
  2.  Install Flex 2 LiveDocs search plug-in.
  3.  Install Flex 3 LiveDocs Firefox search plug-in.
  4.  Install Adobe Labs search plug-in.

Today’s the great day. Sun is shining, I slept for two hours because of Gmail  Threadless, wake up and read that Yahoo! announces its Flash Platform Team!

P.S. After I created and published these pluginsI’ve found that Alessandro Crugnola has made cool Flash/Flex Firefox Search Plugins already, and even proposed a cool approach of searching for flash docs with Google Suggest.