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5 of 360|Flex Recordings on Adobe Media Player

Ted Patrick just shared some info on his new “Hyperdrive” project which is a hosted video service for AdobeTV and Adobe Media Player, or just AMP.

This video project is for contain app demos, tutorials and conference sessions created by community. Anyone can upload his stuff and share with others.

To start with Hyperdrive, Ted uploaded the complete set of full San Jose 360|Flex Sessions recordings, so anyone can see them through the AMP now. All videos are High Definition 1024×768 ones. At the moment, 5 sessions are available:

  1. TicketMaster Kiosk by Kevin Fauth
  2. Flex Accessibility by Giorgio Natili
  3. Reading the Flex source code by Jonathan Branam
  4. Project Workflow by Axel Jensen
  5. Creating Reusable Components by Ben Clinkbeard